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Finally(!),after 2 years(!!!), here are the basic rules to allow Horror Hero players to experience White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade using Hero 4th/5th edition rules. I've just finished the file on Kindred of the East and downloaded it. Also, I've got some updated rules for Ghouls and suggestions for handling humans in my Adjusting the Game file. Check 'em out. If you like what you see and/or you have any suggestions, Contact me at the Fantasy Hero BBS in the WebRPG Town Hall Or post me a message at Herogames.com


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Vampire: the Masquerade(TM) using Hero 4th edition!

Please note: you will need a copy of, at least, Hero System Rulebook 4th ed. and Vampire: the Masquerade(from White Wolf or GURPS) in order to make either heads or tails of this crap. If you don't, then this stuff is just a bunch of drivel

Vampire: the Masquerade

Vampire Abilities: the powers, advantages and disadvantages of being a Vampire in Hero
Vampire Conversion to Hero: if you want to use existing characters in the Hero format, or if you just wanna see the new Perks, Skills and Talents, step right in!
Vampire Disciplines: This file gives you the conversion of the vampire's dark powers. Brace yourself.
Ghouls: the Enthralled: Rules for running the lap-dogs of the undead
Adjusting the Game: Rule additions that will help you get that WoD feel
Kindred of the East: This is my version of those nasty, blood-sucking critters from the land of the rising sun.
More Thaumaturgical Paths: Other paths the Tremere are fond of (and some they're not)
Koldunic Sorcery: The magic of the Tzimisce elders and their lackeys

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