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Kuei-jin: Vampires of the East:

by H. Ryan Clark

Vampire Abilities:

Undead Toughness: Elemental Control (15 active pts); Only vs. Stun (-1/2); Not When Body is Reduced to Zero (-1/4)

a. 50% Damage Reduction vs. PD; Resistant

b. 50% Damage Reduction vs. ED; Resistant Total Cost: 26pts

Life Support: Does not need to Breathe, Eat or Excrete. Verses High Radiation, Heat/Cold. Immune to Disease and Aging. Total Cost: 27pts

Does Not Bleed: See Automaton Rules (pg.180) Total Cost: 15pts

Blood Pool: END Reserve; Must be equal to Character's Body x2 modified by Generation Level (-0) (Assuming a Body of 20)> Total Cost: 4pts

Blood Aid Multipower: (base: 43.5pts); Fade Rate=5pts/10 minutes (+1/2); Self Only (-1), END from Blood Pool (-0) Cost: 33pts

>STR Aid: 2D6, +8 to maximum; [2 END] u: 2pt

>Body Aid: 2D6, +8 to maximum; Does not heal aggravated damage (-1/4),

[2 END] u: 2pt

>Dex Aid: 3D6, +12 to maximum; 1/2 END (+1/4) [2 END] u: 3pts

Total Cost: 40pts

(Note to Blood Aid: This Multipower was built to work in the following manner: When a Vampire spends 2 points of Blood Pool End she receives 1D6 Real points to the boosted attribute (Str, Dex, Body). The Blood Aid may boost the attributes up to 10 points past their normal rating.

Also note that Hero 5th edition has increased the cost of Aid to 10pts/ 1D6. To help offset the increase and, in my view, retain the spirit of the original power I've allowed the Self Only disadvantage for Aid to be worth -1.

This write up also assumes that Str costs 2pts/ point, thus the larger Str Aid.)


Teeth: 1pip Hand Killing Attack (1/2D6 w/ Str) Total Cost: 5pts

(Note to Teeth: A vampire's teeth are meant to be used to feed with, making small incisions in a victim's skin and veins. In combat, they make poor weapons (except that they cause aggravated damage to other vampires). Attacks made with the teeth are always considered Off Hand and take the standard -3OCV to hit (as a rule, I do not allow the purchase of combat levels to counter this).

A special-effect of the teeth is that wounds caused by them can be immediately healed by the vampire who caused them. The vampire has only to lick the wounds and they will fade away, leaving no trace.

Regeneration: 1 Body/Day (-1 1/4); From Beyond "Death" (+20pts) Total Cost: 24pts

(Note to Regeneration: the vampire cannot regenerate and is destroyed if her Bloodpool is empty when aggravated damage brings her below negative Body.)

Power Defense: 6pips; Only vs. Transforms (-1/2) Total Cost: 4pts

Feeding: Transfer 1D6 Body to Blood Pool END Reserve;

Body Recovery: 5pts/Week (+1 1/2), Continuous (+1), Requires a successful Grab and Bite (-1), Concentrate: 0DCV (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Blood Pool only receives 25% of active points drained (-1/2), Drains Blood Pool instead of Body vs. other vampires (-0) Total Cost: 15pts

(Note to Feeding: "Blood Pool only receives 25% of active points drained" disadvantage means that for every point of Body Transferred the vampire receives only 1 END instead of the usual 4 END. This means the number rolled on the 1D6(divided by 2) is not only the amount of Body drained but the amount of Blood Pool END received.)

Vampire Abilities Total: 160pts!


Vampire Disadvantages: (the Vampire's Curse)

*Secret Identity: "I am a Vampire" -15pts

*Psy Lim: "Rotschreck" (Very Common, Strong) -20pts

*Phys Lim: "the Draining" Lose 2 Blood Pool END every night (Inf, Slt) -5pts

*Phys Lim: Does Not Heal Body Normally (Infrequent, Slightly) -5pts

*Susceptible to Sunlight (Very Common, 1D6/ Turn) -20pts

*Susceptible to Sunlight (V.C., 1D6 Drain All Phys. Att./ Turn) -20pts

*Vulnerable to Fire (Common, x1 1/2) -10pts

*"Frenzy": Berserk under Very Common circumstances,

Go and Recovery Rolls based of Self Control [see Virtues]. -25pts

*Distinctive Feature: Dead Aura (Con. w/ Effort, Noticed, Lim. Group) -5pts

*Distinctive Feature: Vampire Appearance (Con. w/ Effort, Noticed)# -10pts

#(Note: Nosferatu do not take this disadvantage)

*Hunted by Lupines (More Powerful, 8-, Limited Area) -10pts

Vampire's Curse Disadvantage Total: -145pts!

Clan Weakness:

*Gaki: Phys Lim: Must feed on at least one blood point per night or lose

-1 to ALL skill and combat rolls (cumulative) each night till fed.

Gaki are also -3 on any roll to resist Blood Hunger. (Inf, Greatly) -10pts

*Chiang-Shih: Accidental change to Monstrous appearance while in

Frenzy! [Dis. Fea.(Easily Concealed, Reaction)] -10pts

Kuei-jin Character Creation:

Kuei-jin start with a base of 145pts to begin. All Kuei-jin must start with the Vampire's Curse:145pts plus their Clan Weakness. Vampires can also select additional disadvantages up to a disadvantage maximum of 190pts total.

[145pt Base + Vampire's Curse+ Clan Weakness+ additional Disadvantages.= 335pts!]

Vampires spend 160pts for Vampire Abilities and ,typically, set aside 55pts for attributes, 60pts for skills and perks (Backgrounds, see Vampire Conversion) and 60pts for Disciplines


The Demon: Where western Kindred measure their Humanity, the Kuei-jin keep a wary eye on the demon soul within. For those Kuei-jin who have not discovered their Dharma, the Demon is used in lieu of Humanity. Its effects are very similar to Humanity except it has no bearing on the time a Kuei-jin is in torpor. As Humanity, the higher the rating, the more control the Kuei-jin has over her inner demon. The downside is every time the Kuei-jin loses to the Demon without a Dharmic path, she loses two points to the demon instead of one.

The Demon starts at 12 and costs 4pts for each +1.

Dharmas: Like Paths of Enlightenment, Dharmas allow a Kuei-jin to maintain control of her inner Demon. However, unlike Paths this division of ideology defines Kuei-jin's actions and thoughts so completely that each Dharma is like a Clan unto itself. Below is a list of the available Dharmas, the Path of Enlightenment they most resemble and the weakness inherited by its practitioner.

Devil Tigers: most like Path of Lilith (Minus all the Lilith stuff of course)

Weakness: -2 to all Self Control rolls ; Psy Lim: Impulsive (Cm, Mod) -15pts

Resplendent Cranes: most like Path of Self Focus

Weakness: Psy Lim: Must fight chaos where ever found (Com, Strong) -15pts

Bone Flowers: most like Path of Death and the Soul

Weakness: Psy Lim: Dispassionate and Cold (Com, Mod) -10pts

& Dis Fea: Eerie Aura (Con w/ effort, Noticed, Lim Group) -5pts

Thousand Whispers: most like Path of Harmony with an overriding need

to impose these views on others.

Weakness: Must maintain balance in all things (Com, Strong) -15pts

Thrashing Dragons: most like Path of Cathari (and then some).

Weakness: Everything in excess, forget the consequences (Com, Strong) -15pts

Dharmas start at 12 and cost 2pts for each +1



(I hope that those of you familiar with V:tM need no lengthy description on how the following are used in the game. The standard Ego Roll is allowed to increase to reflect the character's Willpower. Virtues is taken directly from GURPS Strong Will advantage.)

The character's Ego Roll is divided amongst four categories:

Normal (This is the standard Ego Roll)

Conviction (allows the Kuei-jin to retain her Dharma/ Demon)

Self Control (used to resist Frenzy!)

Courage (used to resist the effects of Rotschreck)

To increase the Ego roll in each category costs 2pts/ +1. The maximum any one category can have is +4.


The Clans:

The Gaki: Based solely in Japan, these Kuei-jin have an affinity with nature and the beast within to rival most Gangrel or Tzimisce. Known for their mastery of the Earth-Soul-Body and Way of Flesh Disciplines.

The Chiang-shih: Known throughout the Orient, legends may vary but all speak of the Chiang-shih. Keepers of an ancient form of blood magic, they are known for their vast powers over nature and the ability to summon demons.

Generation: The measure of a vampire's separation from Caine is irrelevant where Kuei-jin are concerned. Instead, Kuei-jin may increase their Bloodpool size for 3pts/ 2 END (Max: +10 END). Each additional blood use per turn costs 5pts/ +1 (Max: +2).

(In respect to Dominate, or any other discipline that can only affect vampires of a higher Generation, all Kuei-jin are considered 8th Generation.)

Backgrounds: Consult the Vampire Conversion file for new Perks, Talents and Skills.

Disciplines: Kuei-jin can select from the following Kindred Disciplines: Animalism, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence and Presence. These are bought at cost.

Kuei-jin also have their own Disciplines to select from below.


Internalize: The ability to focus one's own Chi and eventually tap into the collective un-conscious. Practiced by all Kuei-jin.

..Level 1: "No Mind": Mental Defense [Ego/ 5] +15; Ego Roll (-1/2) Total Cost: 10pts

..Level 2: "Blood Yoga": 2D6 Aid to Ego; Fade Rate: 5pts/ 5 hours (+1), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Self Only (-1), X-tra Time: 1 hour (-2 1/2), Must meditate throughout hour (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'No Mind' (-1/2) Total Cost: 7pts

..Level 3: "Distant Death Kata": 4D6 HA; Ranged (+1/2), Invisible to Sight (+1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Ego Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Prerequisite: 'Blood Yoga' (-1/2) Total Cost: 15pts

..Level 4: "Iron Soul": +3 Overall Skill Levels; X-tra Time: Fill Turn (-1), Ego Roll (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Distant Death Kata' (-1/2), Costs 1/2 END (-1/4) Total Cost: 9pts

..Level 5: "Harmony with the All": Add following to Iron Soul:

Lasts 10 Minutes (+1/2), Remove Costs 1/2 END cost: 5pts

& Ambidextrous; Linked with Iron Soul (-1/2) cost: 2pts

& Concentration [from Mental Merits]; Linked to Iron Soul (-1/2) cost: 2pts

& V.P.P. [Active 3pts]; Cosmic V.P.P. (+2), Only to simulate skills not possessed by Kuei-jin (-2), Linked with Iron Soul (-1/2) cost: 4pts

& +5 to Con; Only to offset stunning (-1), Linked (-1/2) cost: 4pts

& Danger Sense: 11-; Linked to Iron Soul (-1/2) cost: 7pts

Total Cost: 24pts!

Ghost Eyes: This discipline allows the vampire to rediscover the lost perceptions of their wraith existence. Practiced by all Kuei-jin.

..Level 1: "Sharpened Senses": +2 to All Per; Costs END (-1/2) Total Cost: 4pts

..Level 2: "Life Sense": Detect Living Auras, Ranged, Discriminatory; Costs END (-1/2)

Total Cost: 9pts

..Level 3: "Death Sight": Detect Deathly Auras, Ranged, Costs END (-1/2)

Total Cost: 5pts

..Level 4: "Visions": Precognition & Postcognition with Sight and Hearing; No Conscious Control (-2), Concentrate: 0 DCV (-1/2), 2x END (-1/2) Total Cost: 16pts

..Level 5: "Soul Sight": Spatial Awareness; Affects Spirits (+1/2), Costs END (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2) Total Cost: 19pts

Earth-Soul-Body: Eerily similar to Protean, this Discipline brings a Kuei-jin closer to the beast within and to her bond with nature. Practiced mostly by the Gaki.

..Level 1: "Fury of the Beast": +3 w/ Melee; Only while in Frenzy! (-1/2),

Total Cost: 10pts

..Level 2: "Claws of the Beast": 1D6-1 HKA (Active:13) <[1D6+1 w/ Str]; Full Phase (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Fury of the Beast' (-1/2) Total Cost: 7pts

..Level 3: "Womb of the Earth": 1" Tunneling through 2 DEF material; Invisible to Sight (+1/2), Only Vertical Movement (-1), Limited to 6" Depth (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Claws of the Beast' (-1/2)

Total Cost: 9pts

..Level 4: "Skin of the Beast": Shapeshift to Large Cat (Wolf if Chiang-shih); Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Linked to 'Claws of the Beast' (-1/2)

&: +2" Running; Linked with Shapeshift (-1/2)

&: Tracking Scent; Linked with Shapeshift (-1/2) Total Cost: 15pts

..Level 5: "Soul Flight": Desolidification; Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Cannot Pass Solid Barriers (-1/2), Only While Moving (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Skin of the Beast' (-1/2)

&: 5" Flight, 4x Non Combat Movement; Linked with Desolid (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Only for NCM (-1/4) Total Cost: 21pts

(Description: Visually Soul Flight is much more than the rules above indicate. The Kuei-jin must either be walking or running when it is activated. Barely a second later, onlookers will witness the Kuei-jin seemingly burst into a flock of birds (type chosen by player) and fly off at top speed. This flock of birds cannot be held at bay by doors or windows since they can fly through the smallest crack in any barrier. SFX-wise, the Kuei-jin has formed his body into soul-stuff (or ectoplasm if you like) shaped as birds by his visualization of the technique (or by his self-image).

Way of Flesh: Practice of this Discipline gives the Kuei-jin Vicissitude like control of her own body. Many Gaki have mastery of this Discipline.

..Level 1: "Supple Being": 2" Stretching, Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2),

&: Double Jointed; Linked w/ Stretching (-1/2) Total Cost: 9pts

..Level 2: "One Thousand Forms": Shapeshift to any human form of same mass; Full Turn (-1), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Supple Being' (-1/2) Total Cost: 7pts

..Level 3: "Fluid Form": +4 DCV vs. ALL; Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Lasts 10 minutes (-0), Prerequisite: 'One Thousand Forms' (-1/2)

&: Defense Maneuver; Linked w/ DCV Bonus (-1/2) Total Cost: 13pts

..Level 4: "Liquid Form": Desolidification; Not through Solid Barriers (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Fluid Form' (-1/2)

&: Clinging; Linked with Desolid (-12/) Total Cost: 20pts

..Level 5: "Ten Thousand Forms": Replace One Thousand Forms with Shapeshift to any form; Full Phase (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Liquid Form' (-1/2)

&: V.P.P. [Active: 10pts], Cosmic (+2); Only Powers Appropriate to Chosen Form (-1/2), Linked to Shapeshift (-1/2) Total Cost: 22pts


Release the Demon: It is commonly believed that those Kuei-jin who posses this Discipline are allies of the Yomi world. This is understandable, considering that those who've succumbed to the inner demon often manifest this power. This is further underscored by the fact that those who serve demons almost always develop these powers. But, the truth may be more disturbing than what is commonly believed.

..Level 1: +3 to Dex*, +3 to Body*. Select One Additional Ability BelowTotal Cost: 12pts (+)

..Level 2: +5 to Str*, 0 END (+1/2), No Figured Stats (-1/2), Select One Additional Ability

Total Cost: 9pts (+)

..Level 3: +5 to Body *. Select one Additional Ability Total Cost: 8pts (+)

..Level 4: +5 to Str*, 0 END (+1/2), No Figured Stats (-1/2), Select One Additional Ability

Total Cost: 9pts (+)

..Level 5: +3 to Dex*. Select One Additional Ability Total Cost: 7pts (+)

[* = Only in Demon Form (-1/4)]


Additional Abilities:


Shintai: The Kuei-jin version of Thaumaturgy, this Discipline is their blood magic. The skill, Shintai [Int/5+9 = 3pts; +1/ 2pts] must be purchased to fulfill the Skill Roll limitation. Shintai is practiced primarily by the Chiang-shih, though some Gaki have learned its secrets.

Blood Shintai: The primary path of most Shintai practitioners

..Level 1: Magery Level 2 ………………………………….. cost: 2pts

"Blood Scent": Detect Blood Type, Discriminatory, Ranged; Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Costs END (-1/2) …..cost: 4pts

Active Cost: 13.....Skill Roll: -1.....END: 1.............................. Total Cost: 6pts

..Level 2: +4 to Magery …………………………………….. cost: 4pts

"Blood Lash": 1D6 HKA & 1" Stretching <[Only w/ HKA (-1/2)]; 0 END (+1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), OIF: Blood Weapon (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Blood Scent' (-1/2)…cost: 10pts

Active Cost: 30.....Skill Roll: -3.....END: 0.............................. Total Cost: 14pts

..Level 3: +2 to Magery …………………………………….. cost: 2pts

"Blood Awakening": +30 to Dex Aid Max, +20 to Str and Body Aid Max [Active: 15]

&: +10 to Bloodpool END [Active: 5pts]

&: Add Autofire (+2 shots) to Blood Aid Multipower [Active: 15]

Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood End to Activate (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), One Continuous Charge: 2 hours (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Blood Lash' (-1/2) …………cost: 9pts

Active Cost: 35.....Skill Roll: -3.....END: 0.............................. Total Cost: 11pts


..Level 4: +2 to Magery …………………………………….. cost: 2pts

"Blood Atemi": 4D6 HA; NND [Only vs. Living Targets] (+1), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4),

Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Blood Awakening' (-1/2)

………………………………………………………………... cost: 13pts

Active Cost: 40.....Skill Roll: -4.....END: 4+.............................. Total Cost: 15pts

..Level 5: +2 to Magery ………………………………………. cost: 2pts

"Blood Wind": Transfer 1D6 Body to Bloodpool END; Ranged (+1/2), Continuous (+1), Recover 5pts/ week (+1 1/2), Bloodpool Only Receives 25% of Body Transferred (-1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Blood Atemi' (-1/2)

…………………………………………………………………. cost: 17pts

Active Cost: 60.....Skill Roll: -6.....END: 6.............................. Total Cost: 19pts


Ghost-Flame Shintai:

..Level 1: "Goblin Face": Darksight & +1 D.C. to Bite; Skill Roll (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2)

Active Cost: 15.....Skill Roll: -1.....END: 2.............................. Total Cost: 6pts

..Level 2: "Goblin Spark": Images vs. Sight & 1D6 Flash vs. Sight; Affects Spirits (+1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Goblin Face' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 30.....Skill Roll: -3.....END: 3.............................. Total Cost: 10pts

..Level 3: "Goblin Scorch": 2D6 RKA; Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Goblin Spark' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 30.....Skill Roll: -3.....END: 3.............................. Total Cost: 11pts

..Level 4: "Goblin Burn": 2D6 Drain vs. Ego; BOECV (+1), Affects Spirits (+1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Goblin Spark' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 50.....Skill Roll: -2.....END: 3.............................. Total Cost: 14pts

..Level 5: "Goblin Lantern": 2D6 RKA; Damage Shield (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), X-tra Time: Full Turn (-1), Costs 6 Blood END to Activate (-3/4), Prerequisite: 'Goblin Burn' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 60.....Skill Roll: -6.....END: 0.............................. Total Cost: 14pts



Tapestry Shintai: One of the few Shintai that demands a Discipline as a prerequisite. Practitioners must have mastered the 5th level of Ghost Eyes.

..Level 1: "Spirit Call": Summon one Spirit built on 100pts; Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), X-tra Time: 5 minutes (-2), Concentrate: 1/2 DCV (-1/4), Prerequisite: 'Ghost Eyes' at level 5 (-1)

Active Cost: 50.....Skill Roll: -5.....END: 5.............................. Total Cost: 9pts

..Level 2: "Chi Shaping": 3D6, 3 DEF Entangle; BOECV (+1), Only affects Spirits (-1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Concentrate: 1/2 DCV (-1/4), Targeted w/ Dex vs. Dex (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Chi Ward' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 60.....Skill Roll: -6.....END: 6.............................. Total Cost: 15pts

..Level 3: "Chi'iu Muh": 1D6 Ego Transfer to Bloodpool END; BOECV (+1), Continuous (+1), Only vs. Spirits (-1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Full Phase (-1/2), Bloodpool receives only 25% of Ego Transferred (-1/2), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Spirit Call' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 45.....Skill Roll: -4.....END: 5.............................. Total Cost: 10pts

..Level 4: "Ride the Dragon": 10" Teleport , 64x Non Combat Movement, 2 Floating Locations; NCM Only (-1/2), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Concentrate: 1/2 DCV (-1/4), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Chi Shaping' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 55.....Skill Roll: -5.....END: 2.............................. Total Cost: 16pts

..Level 5: "Chi Rift": 1D6 RKA; A.E.: Radius [3"] (+1 1/4), Affects Spirits (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Continuous (+1), Skill Roll (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Full Turn (-1), Costs 2 Blood END to Activate (-1/2), Prerequisite: 'Ride the Dragon' (-1/2)

Active Cost: 64.....Skill Roll: -6.....END: 6.............................. Total Cost: 16pts



Afterward to Kuei-jin: Kindred of the East: Needless to say, those of you familiar with Kindred of the East by White Wolf have noticed I strayed off the original game concepts. The Kuei-jin presented above are not the Kuei-jin in the World of Darkness. My reasons for this are many but it all comes down to one fact: I didn't like the way it was done before. Forgive me my opinion and I humbly apologize to those of you who might have been expecting a more exact translation. I just felt that vampires had already been done well and, while I acknowledge there are more ways to skin this cat, I didn't see the need to build same thing all over again.

Please note that, like their White Wolf counter parts, these Kuei-jin are very hard to kill permanently and their Disciplines make them true powerhouses in a fight. This does not make them all powerful. Kindred who've just had their troops decimated by a Kuei-jin warrior can simply Embrace a bunch of mortals and try again. Continuing to wear down the Kuei-jin through sheer numbers. Also, Kindred have the power of the Blood Bond. This allows a Kindred to steal away mortal contacts and agents in just a few days that took the Kuei-jin years to accumulate. Remember these balancing factors if you decide to bring your vampires into the war between East and West.