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Adjusting the Game:

To properly simulate normal, everyday mortals in a World of Darkness some extra rules should be observed. Mortals are generally more suseptable to the manipulations and horror of the supernatural. The first way to simulate this is to assign a vulnerability to mental powers [x1 1/2] worth no points. All humans will suffer this penalty, thus making Domination and other mental effects much easier to enact.

The second change is to assign all mortals a Physical Limitation called "the Delerium". This is an infrequent, greatly imparing disadvantage worth no points. Certain humans, such as Garou Kin-folk and vampire Ghouls, are immune to these effects automaticaly. Hunters and strong willed humans my buy off the disadvantage as a 10pt advantage: Immune to Delerium. This saves the Garou from having to buy a hideously expensive power to simulate Delerium and this portrayl, I think, is more acurate.

Mortals also have a Suseptability to the vampireís bite or "kiss". This is an uncommon occurence with the victim losing 3D6 Stun per phase. This simulates the effect of blood loss and the euphoric feeling felt by the victim. The GM may allow victims to resist the Stun Drain by rolling EGO - 5. Each phase the victimís roll succeeds the Stun Drain does not take effect. When the vampire ceases feeding so does the Drain and the victim Recovers her Stun normaly.

Humans and animals who are Blood Bound become Ghouls and gain the Abilities and disadvantages of such. [see Ghoul: the Enthralled]

Lastly is the addictive properties of vampire blood . This addiction is simulated with another Physical Limitation of infrequent occurance and greatly imparing. Coupled with the effects of the Blood Bond, a human's freedom becomes fatally impaired.